Trauma does interesting things to the body.

Whether it’s the trauma of a car accident or a frightening birthing experience or a childhood filled with abuse, the body does everything it can to support you in healing. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the tools and support needed to bring ourselves full-circle. Plus, trauma is scary.

I get it.

I have spent the better part of my life plagued by both mechanical and psychosomatic ailments as a result of an experience of childhood sexual abuse, the common stresses of growing up in a modern life and a lack of physical alignment. Even with the body-positive experiences of playing sports and performing on stage, there remained an undercurrent of powerlessness, fear and pain.

The traumatic, 54 hour labor and cesarean birth of my son awoke me to my old traumas. It showed me the brokenness - emotional, physical, mental - that needed fixing. I am profoundly grateful.

Thankfully, I’ve had exposure to amazing healing modalities and have discovered how essential it is to take a holistic, mind-body approach to healing from trauma. My experiences in Restorative Exercise™, EMDR, TRE, trauma sensitive yoga and Aware Parenting have so deeply changed me, have brought me back to myself. I always encourage anyone with trauma to go through the body, as it were.

What does this mean for you?

If you have trauma and also want to engage me for teaching Restorative Exercise™, you can be assured that I will be sensitive to that trauma. I will talk to you about your experiences, if you wish. I will provide you with space to feel. I will ask your permission before I touch you. I will provide you with modifications to help you feel safe.

You also have my unyielding commitment to my own healing, so that I can not only share what I have learned or what other valuable resources exist, but so that I may offer a whole self to support you in the many facets of your own healing journey.

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