It's not just movement. Food matters, too.

Meet Leah. Leah is serving as Chef de Cuisine for HeartBody Santa Fe. Leah and I hold shared values around how food is selected and the role it plays in wholeness. Importantly, Leah has insisted upon the fact that her meals for the retreat will be prepared in accordance with each attendee’s dietary regimen. Not only do I feel well taken care of, but I feel empowered by the fact that her care is extending to each and every person coming. 

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Can you let your intuition lead you to better health?

I firmly believe that following your desire and your intuition for your health journey will unfold in powerful ways that we can't even imagine yet. We don't know what will happen to you and to those around you and to the whole earth when you change the way you relate with your body. I do know that it will be an act of good in the world. 

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How You Birth MEANS Something to Your Health

I want women to be ever reminded that how you birth matters, not because cesareans are wrong but because they MEAN something to your health. But I don't just want to stop there. I want to be a part of the solution to the cesarean epidemic and to the path of healing after a difficult birth or before a next birth. 

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I've Gained 30 Pounds

Gaining 30 pounds in such a short period of time is no small thing. It creates an entirely different set of loads on all the tissues of the body, whether it's the feet, the pelvic floor, the lateral hips, or the arms. But this work - this showing up to myself in so many ways and this changing of how I think about and relate to the movement of my body through my environment - has had a profound impact on the way my body can handle such massive changes. 

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I'm No Longer Interested in Exercise

So many of you think you are coming to exercise to fix parts of your body that aren't working. To address dysfunctions that have caused suffering. To get better. And, of course, exercise will do that.
But, over and over again, I see that what is often happening on the deeper level is that you're turning to exercise to fix yourself. Because you think you are broken. Because you want to get out of your body. Because you don't think you're good enough.

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Help for Upper Body Tension While You Drive

I can do a crazy amount of exercise in the car...when I'm in the passenger's seat. But in my 30+ hour solo drive this last week (#movetochange!), I had to get a little more innovative and work within the obvious limitations that come with being the driver.

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20 Ways to Deepen Your Movement Practice

If you are like one of the many people who work with me, connect online or email me expressing your curiosity and confusion and delight at the interplay of your heart/emotions/psyche/narrative/life and the way you use your body, this post is for you. 

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Are You Creating a Handmade Life?

So many of you are laboring away in different ways, owning the life you seek to create, doing the work to support it. You are stretching your calves and sitting on the floor and walking instead of driving. You are going to therapy and feeling the feelings and challenging the beliefs you hold that tell you to just give up.

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17 Ways to Move More When You're Stuck at a Desk

You know your body needs to be tended to, but you're not sure how to make it happen when your day-to-day life involves a desk. This video is FOR YOU. :) 

I recorded this video as a Facebook Live, looking at really practical changes you can make and super simple movements you can include, AND I talk about purpose and assumptions and all that good stuff. 

When you're ready for more, go snag my FREE download, The Getting Better Guide. This is the path I turn to when my body isn't working the way I think it should.…

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Thanks for watching. And I'd love for you to share this with all your desk-jockey friends. The more we can move throughout our days, the healthier we will be! And the more company we'll have when we look weird. ;)

Three Reasons Exercise Isn't Getting You Better

Did you think exercise would make you feel stronger or healthier or maybe just better than you used to? For some of you, maybe you don't really expect exercise to provide results. I streamed live on Facebook to explore our expectations around exercise. 

I'd love to hear more about your experience with exercise as it relates to getting better! If you have any questions or want to share about your experience, I'd love for you to pop into the private Facebook group and ask away! I'd also love to see photos or videos of YOU doing exercises that help you actually feel better on Instagram. Feel free to tag me!

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