The Personal Becomes Professional

When I closed my life coaching business in 2012, it felt right. I told my husband I needed six months to tend to some personal matters that had come up in my life and I expected that within those six months I would come to understand what the next professional chapter in my life would hold.

I had already discovered Restorative Exercise™ (RE) and thrown away all shoes with any sort of heel (well, maybe I kept those shoes I bought in Spain and just moved them to the back of my closet), but RE was for me, for my family, for the missing gap I had in physical education. This sense that RE was a personal - not a business - matter felt true even when I signed up for the Whole Body Alignment course. It wasn't that I ruled out becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist (I am a free-spirited entrepreneur after all); it's just that this wasn't about that.

Those initial six months turned into nearly a year and a half, as I deepened my personal work, sat with the experience of my mother getting sick and dying and parented my young son. The best laid plans...

But even without the intention to practice RE with others, I headed off to RES Week - the in-person portion of my training - so that I could embody the graduate-level coursework I had been studying virtually. The week was incredibly informative (oh, THAT'S what external rotation of my femur looks like!), and strenuous ("restorative" doesn't mean anything resembling "easy") and fun (think: falling off a bosu) and easily required an additional 1500 kcals per day just to stave off the headaches. 

Ventura, CA, taken after exams were completed at RES certification week. ©Jennifer Gleeson Blue

Ventura, CA, taken after exams were completed at RES certification week. ©Jennifer Gleeson Blue

And then I came home. When I hopped off the plane after the six hour flight home from LAX to PHL, it was with a strong sense of clarity about taking this amazing work, this foundational understanding of the body and its relationship to our environment and helping others build their own resilience. I had sat with what was true for me, what matters to me, and the internal began to match up with the external and I was eager to take Restorative Exercise™ beyond the personal and into the professional.

So without further ado, I present The Resilient Body - my online expression of alignment.