I Want More for You

I've had over 100 people sign up for my Hidden Resilience: 5 (free) Days to a Happier, Healthier Body Video Series that is happening this week (it started yesterday, but feel free to get started now!). I am thrilled and touched and so excited to share what I have learned as it relates to the body and movement and our (generally problematic) physical environment.

But more than that, it tells me this: people are craving to return their bodies to nature. I don't know if they (you) would put it that way, but I can feel this longing to have a life that actually provides the mechanical stimulus required for health, to use their bodies in the way they often did as children, for wellness to be less about a checklist and more about a natural expression of joy and the meeting of needs. To workout less and move more.

We live in a time when our bodies don't need to "be worked" very hard in order to survive. There are great benefits to that, of course, but it also presents us with a HUGE challenge. How can you stay healthy and work at a computer? How can you stay active when all your food is harvested for you? How can you get out of pain when it feels like everything in your life is designed to create it?

How is important. After all, that's what I do - I help people figure out the how so they can return to health.

But the bigger question, the one I hear my clients struggle with, the one I feel in the people who reach out to me is "why." Why stay active when all your food is harvested for you and you can buy it with the work you do while sitting all day? Why change your life to meet your body's movement requirements when you've been trained to be still since infancy? Why give yourself permission to let the belly release when your entire culture is screaming at you to look thin? Why set aside so much of what you've learned when you've gotten by on its tenets?

I can't really answer your "why" for you. We each have to come to a place where we decide that the path we have traveled is no longer the path we want to be traveling. That "getting by" is no longer enough.

But I will say this:

I want more for you.

I want for your heart to sing in your body. I want for your body to nourish your soul. I want oxygen to hit every cell and for you to know what it feels like to reclaim parts of your body you thought you had lost. I want for you to know where your body is when you move through space, to feel your edges - present and porous, to be able to connect with the world around you. I want you to find your own sense of resilience.

I've been working on this 4-week virtual course called Launch Your Resilient Life that starts on February 16 and I am wrapping up the 5-day Hidden Resilience Challenge this week. It's meant a lot more time than usual on the computer and a lot more conversation with people online about what they need and where they feel stuck. My own resistance to being occupied with a computer and my heart for what people have been sharing with me has only fueled me more to spread the word.

If you want more for yourself, you can do something about. After all:

You can make the choice if you're ready.