5 Tips to Move More

You've probably noticed that it can be hard to move more. You want to, you plan to, you know to. But the actual doing doesn't happen. I totally get it.

Here are some tips that may help you make headway on meeting your movement needs.


1. Explore your purpose

Why are you moving? It's really easy to change plans when you don't feel purposeful about what you are doing. Do you know why you want to walk everyday? Do you have a reason to calf stretch or psoas release or monster walk?

Maybe it's because you want a better birthing experience, maybe it's because you want to climb Machu Picchu without knee pain, maybe it's because you want to be able to play with your grandkids or stop peeing when you sneeze.

We're more likely to do stuff that feels purposeful to us!


2. Meet your resistance

It's oh-so-easy to sidestep this part of the process, but our resistance has so much to teach us. If you can be willing to sit with why you AREN'T doing something you intended to do, you'll get some really useful information. Perhaps it's not purposeful for you. Perhaps you were taught that taking care of yourself is selfish. Perhaps itdoesn't align with other values and needs.

Once these things are out in the open instead of lurking in the shadows, you'll be able to be less reactive to your resistance and more able to make conscious choices.


3. Have the right gear

Last winter I spent $225 on these boots. I don't even really like the appearance of them. But I knew they'd be warm and they'd fit my other shoe criteria. So even though money was tight, I purchased them. Because I knew that otherwise, I wouldn't go outside. Since being outside and active is hugely purposeful for me (see #1) and I was willing to address my resistance that had to do with money and selfishness and a general proclivity toward suffering (see #2), I went ahead and made the purchase.

I've not for a second regretted it. It ensured that last winter and this winter I have felt safe in my body and willing to be outside for long stretches. Here's my shadow on a very bundled walk in sub-freezing weather from this week:

What gear are you missing that would make you more willing to meet your movement needs? Is it shoes, clothes, props? How can you provide that for yourself?

4. Arrange your environment

Here's a picture of my living room:

It doesn't make sense or appeal to everyone to get rid of most of their furniture. But as I counsel people in my Launch Your Resilient Life course, just clearing some floor space often does wonders for the amount of movement you get. Without a coffee table, e.g., you're more likely to use your floor to sit, lie down, stretch, do a few exercises. The same goes for a standing desk set-up (nothing fancy, just a few books piled up) or a low kitchen table.

How can you arrange your physical space to increase your daily movements?


5. Set a recurring date with a friend

Almost every Tuesday morning, one of my dearest friends and I go for a walk in the woods. It's early and it's kinda inconvenient because I have to drive there and my kid is always wanting more snuggles as I head out the door. But we do it.

We're not rigid - one of us sometimes stays up too late or doesn't feel well or has a boatload of work to do or a kid that's sick - but we continue to show up and a huge reason is because someone on the other end is planning to do it, too. Someone that we really like.

I wonder if you have a person or two who would partner with you to support what your body needs? And maybe helps meet your needs for community and companionship, too.

That's it for now. Enjoy whatever movements your body needs today!