Help for Stiff, Achy Feet

I've heard it over and over again. Your feet just don't feel great. Especially in the morning, when you first wake up. It's not plantar fasciitis (although maybe you've got that going on, too) but every step feels stiff and achy until your feet "warm up."

I get it. Whenever winter hits, my stiff, achy feet come to say hello. A lifetime of constrictive shoes, of never being barefoot, and of overall lack of whole body alignment has impeded flow to and from the feet. If you've got no foot strength (Can you lift and lower your toes separately? Do you have your full arch? Can you externally rotate your femurs and keep the ball of your foot firmly on the ground?) then you ain't got no flow. Which is to say that your lymph hasn't been able to take the garbage out and your blood hasn't been allowed in to deliver your groceries.  A serious problem. A serious whole body problem.

But today, I've got a few little somethings to get you (and me) moving down a different path.

Step One: Castor Oil Packs for the Feet

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (yes, I'm shouting at you, in love) that you try a period of sleeping with castor oil packs on your feet. You can search the internet for more on castor oil packs, if you are new to the idea. Like apple cider vinegar, they are purported to heal everything. :) I would perhaps be a little more skeptical than that, but they are a traditional approach to supporting healing and people I deeply trust have recommended them to me.

More to the point: I've been doing in for over two weeks (I've decided to do this for one month) and have experienced amazing results.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I am making mine.

Note: I don't think you're going to make it one whole month using the same pair of socks. Re-use the socks you soak in castor oil until they start to smell "off." For me, each pair of socks has lasted about a week.

Step Two: Take Your Feet to the Gym

Your feet need exercise. Fo' real. Again, if you have achy feet, if you have pelvic floor problems, if your low back hurts, if your knees are bugging you, if you are a human who grew on on flat, level surfaces mostly wearing shoes, your feet need exercise.

Lucky for you, I've got a video for that, too. With wildly different hair.

Step Three: Change Your Footwear

If you are reading this, you've probably already been immersed in or at the very least introduced to the idea of minimalist footwear. When your feet can handle it (Steps 1 & 2 are a big part of you getting there), I recommend you begin playing around with being barefoot and shifting toward more minimalist footwear. For more, you can read this post.


A little attention to your feet will have your whole body thanking you! And if you want to deepen your learning, come join Launch Your Resilient Life. It's a 4-week body alignment accelerator, and you'll have me as your guide to launch you out of pain, dysfunction and disconnection and into the daily movements that nourish your life. The next live round starts on February 16th! Will you be there? Here's the link: