What's Stopping You?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re going about your daily business, doing whatever feels “normal” to you, and then you look around and are like:

Shit, I’m weird.

In my case, it’s like mainstream culture is over there with its sugar-coated obsession with flat abs, 5 minute workouts and total emotional dissociation and I’m over here putting castor oil packs on my feet, throwing away my furniture, seeing a bunch of “alternative” care providers, climbing trees, taking time out to cry, making beet kvass, talking to my bladder and walking 3-10 miles per day.

It’s not exactly what I intended. I mean, I intended to be/get/stay healthy, I just thought it was going to look, well, more mainstream.

How did this happen?

I’d love to say I have no idea, but the truth is, once something gets a little dislodged, you start to find yourself meandering down the path, and the changes come slowly, and get integrated and you stop really caring about what you THOUGHT the path should look like because, quite frankly, the path is so damn interesting and you are starting to come to life in ways you didn’t even know was possible.

That seems to be what happened to me. Hence the chats with my bladder.

I wonder what you envision when you imagine becoming healthier? What you imagine it will require from you?

More specifically: what’s stopping you?

Because the truth is, while becoming more body resilient won’t look the same in your body as it does it mine, some things WILL need to change.

You DO need to start moving - more and better. You WILL need to restore your body. You WILL need to change some things about your lifestyle. You may even need to change a lot, depending on your goals.

On February 16, I’m starting another live round of my 4-week online course, Launch Your Resilient Life. It’s all about taking the fundamental steps required to move you out of pain and dysfunction and into a more resilient life. Sounds pretty good, yeah? That’s what Terra thought:

Whether you join or not, I still want to know what stops you from becoming healthier. Would you be willing to comment below and let me know? I’ll be sure to reply to every response, too. The more I know about what is in your way, the better equipped I am to support you in surpassing these roadblocks.

A more resilient you is waiting!