Quad Stretch Makeover

What's your purpose for doing the classic runner's quad stretch? Quad lengthening is what most of us are after. 

But what if your quad stretch isn't really doing that?

Come explore in this video:

An essential component of exercise is knowing the purpose of the move so you can know whether or not you are accomplishing what you intend to accomplish. You also want to really know how are doing the exercise and to be hanging out at the end range of your motion. That's where change happens. 

Most of us are uncomfortable there. We don't want to stay at our end. It brings up inner feelings of discomfort. It doesn't feel "good." It doesn't feel like we're getting anywhere. It's not what we've been conditioned to believe a stretch is. 

The more we are disengaged from our bodies, the harder it is to operate within safe ranges of motion and the harder it is to work in a place that creates actual tissue change so that we can move more and more better. 

But how to we become more engaged? How do we stay in touch with ourselves?

Some of it is by doing exactly what I demonstrate in this video. It's about finding your literal physical boundaries and discovering all of the ways you move in order to get around them so that you can make your body look a certain way, accomplish a task.

But if the purpose of the task (quad lengthening) isn't accomplished by the performance of the task (complete knee flexion), then what was the point?

When it comes to the movement component of this work, coming into better relationship with your body often looks like what I've shared in the quad stretch video. It's mindful. It's curious. It's about finding your actual boundaries. It's called meeting yourself where you are. It's called accepting where you are. It's called seeing. 

To be seen, truly seen is one of the most powerful, healing experiences. You can give your body that. You can give that even when you're "just" doing a quad stretch. You are THAT amazing!