Where have your feet carried you?

Have you considered this question...

Where have your feet carried you?

It's one that I ask in the first Heart Workshop for HeartBody Method. As I'm having each student massage their own feet, I take them through a bit of an exploration of their feet and this is where we start. 

Where have your feet carried you?

My feet have carried me:

  • Into ancient churches and palaces and temples in foreign countries
  • Into a birthing room while in labor with my son
  • Onto stages for plays and concerts
  • Down the aisle to meet my husband
  • Up and down the steps of Mayan ruins
  • Across logs and streams and deserts and mountains
  • Out of places where unsafe people were
  • Through airports all over the world
  • To weddings and funerals
  • Into mud and water in my front yard
  • Through grief and sorrow and deep joy and peace
  • Up trees 
  • Into the arms of people who love me
  • On long walks with dear friends
  • To coffee shops and laundromats and the post office to pick up packages

The list goes on. 

Our Feet Need Our Love

Our feet are important. They contain 1/4 of all the bones in the body and an absurd amount of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. For most of us, they are the primary way we have of moving our bodies across the earth.

And yet most of the people I know are hard on their feet. They are hard on their feet either by shoe choice or lack of movement. (And/)Or they are hard on their feet by scolding and shame and neglect and disgust. 

Truly lovin' on the feet seems to be hard to come by. Do you find this to be true for yourself?

For the students in my 8-week course who have moved through the first Heart Workshop, several shared how they were profoundly moved by this exploration of their relationship with their feet, especially in concert with actually TOUCHING their feet. That this dual-focus enabled them to open up a bit, open up a bit to moving even more. And as we know, part of whole body health is shifting away from our sedentary lives and into a more robust movement experience. 

Just a little attention to the feet can do that. 

No matter where you head from here. I hope you remember that your body has enabled you to have incredible experiences. It's enabled you to have the highs and the lows and the in-betweens. It's enabled you to feel weak and to feel strong and to feel connected. It's enabled this life that you live. 

And your feet?

For most of you, they are what has carried you through this entire experience.