People to Follow

I always love to know about additional resources, even if it's for someday down the road. So when someone asked me to write a post about who I follow, I put it on the list to do some day. Some day has arrived!

The following people have impacted me in various ways - some of their work is foundational to my own - or they have something to offer that I don't offer but that I think you might want. (The hardest thing to exclude were all of my movement teacher colleagues, many of whom are amazingly brilliant.) All of them support my own journey of experiencing a resilient body.

This list is far from comprehensive regarding my influences and there are lots of healers and thinkers I resonate with who are not listed here. But there's undoubtedly a new rabbit trail or two here for you to poke around on. See who resonates with you, follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for the newsletters. I've mostly directed you to their websites, so you can find your way from there. Enjoy!


Note: The * denotes Restorative Exercise Specialist, of which I am one. :)

Katy Bowman - founder of Nutritious Movement/Restorative Exercise, the movement work I teach and author of a whole bunch of fantastic books; she's a mentor and a guide and an inspiration in my life

Susan McLaughlin - RES* colleague and pelvic PT who always seems to have some new exercise that is exactly what I need

Barbara Loomis - RES* colleague and bodyworker (ATMAT/Maya Abdominal Massage/Visceral Manipulation) who is up on all things women's health; I've consulted her several times and have come away with a wealth of new healing tools every time

Amy Matthews - movement therapist and yoga teacher who teaches anatomy and developmental work; I've only explored the edges of her work, and yet I always come away with a richer understanding of the body

Petra Fisher - RES* colleague who offers a lot of super practical movement explorations in a way that makes you really want to try them; Petra is also a friend with whom I shared a very hot night in the noisiest Airbnb near the Seattle airport; I always want to read her newsletters and social media posts

Galina Denzel - RES* colleague and teacher of mine who I work with from time to time because she's brilliant; she's also a Somatic Experiencing practitioner (and a practitioner of a hundred other useful things) which means she really gets the many ways movement is connected to the rest of the human experience; she's also recently written a great book with her husband (he's pretty fantastic, too, btw) about getting healthier in 52 weeks


Note: I am including two people here whose personalities couldn't be any different. Both have influenced me in profound ways.

Jana Kingsford - she's all about belief, following your big dreams and launching online courses; I've taken her courses and worked one-on-one with her to great success

Mark Silver - he directly blends the spiritual and the business, the spiritual and money and has deeply informed my philosophies around both


Marion Rose - Marion is a teacher of Aletha Solter's Aware Parenting method, an approach to parenting that has changed my life and absolutely influences how I work and what I teach; Marion offers so much more, too; I read almost every one of her newsletters (and she's more prolific than me!) and have experienced transformations through her online courses and in one-on-one sessions with her


Jack Kruse - lots of synshesized information available about light, nnEFMs and the importance of your mitochondria; there's lots of technical language, but the concepts are rich; I've just begun dipping my toe in here and expect to for awhile

Krista Tippet - hers is almost always always a podcast I turn to whenever I have time for a podcast; she interviews all types of people on all manner of topics related to the human experience; there's a lot of depth and compassion and hope to be found here

Chris Kresser - a paleo guy (which isn't for everyone) who is circumspect about a lot of health issues, especially as it relates to diet and environment; I often begin health research with a search on his page as a jumping off point for things I may not have considered

Patricia Pearce - spiritual thinker and guide; I've counseled Patricia and taken her online course and listened to her sermons; I deeply trust and resonate with her perspectives on life and the spiritual realm

Two final notes before I leave you following your nose.

1. Philadelphia Resources I seek out a lot of in-person resources wherever I live (I already am working with people here in Oregon). If you're in Philadelphia, I'd be so happy to direct you to practitioners who might help you in your own evolution toward greater resilience. I know good acupuncturists, body workers, doctors, therapists, energy workers, trails to hike. :)

2. Registration Closing for Restore Your Wild I'm going to close registration for RYW soon, but the doors are still open! So if you wanted in but thought you missed the deadline, know that you've still got through Monday. I've been getting some emails from those of you still considering the course. :) Here's the link to get yourself applied:

All righty, enjoy your explorations! And if there's some specific resource you're looking for, let me know. I'd be happy to see if I can direct you down another path.

In love and light,