My apologies. (They come with a discount.)

I made a commitment this winter to facilitate another live round of HeartBody Method, my signature course that is all about moving inside and out to transcend your pain, live into wholeness and to (finally) love your life.

Perhaps you have been following along. Perhaps you have been planning to register for the March 16 start date. 

This winter has been a weird one. I knew the misery of first trimester pregnancy would leave and I'd have this window of energy before life slowed down again. And so even while I was still feeling  really poorly, I started making plans for the me who was to have all this energy and force and creative movement. 

In the midst, I ignored the way my feet felt heavy amidst these plans and how the forward energy I was predicting felt like an upward, frenetic movement, one that was taking me away from my body. 

I went ahead with my plans. 

Until this weekend, that is, when my vision returned to me. I decided to change plans and to cancel this live round of HeartBody Method, even though we're just a few days away from it's start date. 

(The course is evergreen, which means it's always open - yay!, and until March 20, the spring equinox, you can register with a discount of $100 when you use the code SELFAWARENESS, as a way to honor the commitment you made to stay with me through this process, even as I change course.)

Has this ever happened to you?

You commit to something important to you, only to awaken later to the fact that you were not actually fully willing to make this commitment?

It can be painful, because you know there are people who may be disappointed, and there may be a new, less wanted picture of you to develop in the eyes of others. 

This weekend I also quit the midwife I'd hired. It was a really painful conversation because there lacked a cohesive external reason. Yes, there are "small" things I can point to, but the bigger reason is that I awoke to my clarity that she isn't the right person for me and my growing baby in this birth. I'm not yet sure what that means for us yet - should we plan for a hospital birth instead of a home birth? I'd absolutely rather be sitting in the seat of certainty about what's next. But more than that? I'm relieved not be sitting in place that I KNOW isn't right for me. 

And that's what happened with this live round of HeartBody Method. I awoke to the deeper awareness that this isn't the right avenue for my focused attention in this moment.

HBM is right for so many people. Which is why I make sure it stays available any time someone whats to join. It's had an incredibly powerful influence on so many women and I feel such a deep longing for more women to take this journey, to start using their bodies differently and to see the ripple effect of doing that in a heart-centered way. Seriously. It's a passion and vision of mine because it's fundamentally life changing and what I created is straight from my heart. 

But that change doesn't have to happen during a live round. And I don't want to be serving from a place of lack, when my body and heart are telling me that other things - other business things, like my rebranding and an in-person retreat and a workshop on natural movement in the childbearing year - need my current attention. 

My ability to stay connected to my deeper knowing is growing. But there is still sometimes a lag, a time of forward movement before I catch up the inner instruction to wait and see. 

I apologize for setting an expectation and not meeting it. 

It is my hope that the experience I share here can support you in being willing to own your own truth, too, even when it comes to you "late." It can be hard to be messy in front of other people, whether that's thousands of business followers or a single health care practitioner.

I want to be clear that you're worth owning your truth. In fact, I believe it's best for everyone. 

It is also my hope that offering this $100 discount makes HeartBody Method available to some of you for whom it would have otherwise been unavailable. 

Until March 20, 2018, the spring equinox, you can get $100 off. Just enter the code SELFAWARENESS at the checkout and it'll apply to either the single payment or to the installment plan. 

I won't be joining you for the scheduled live round this time, but I'll be in the students-only Facebook group to cheer you on and to answer any questions. And really, you're going to find the most amazing group of women in there to support you, too. 

I stand by the work of HeartBody Method and I have a deep desire for you to take the course if you're feeling the tug. I want for all women to renegotiate their relationships with their bodies so they are not only getting physically healthier, but so they have the resources to find new places of freedom within and without. It's THE work, as far as I'm concerned.