Want core strength? Start here.

A lot of people ask me about core strength. Mostly, they want to know how to get it. 

My answer tends to be a little non-traditional, especially as I see core strength as a whole-body issue, ranging from rib cage placement to pelvic positioning to the amount you use your body in novel ways to the shoes you wear on your feet. But it's also because mobility - the ability to have a stable range of motion available to you - is something that I consider to be really significant when it comes to core strength. 

For example, I'm less interested in the six-pack and more interested in the twist. Add in a load with an aligned twist (say, gardening or chopping wood) and there's LOTS of strength work coming your way. 

Below are a handful of resources to help you start thinking differently about HOW you use your body in ways that do or don't support your desire for more core strength. 

I'd love to know how you get on with the exercises as well as the paradigm shifts!

Blog PostYour Ego Wasn't Made for This

VideoDoes the Core Require Constant Contraction?

VideoQuads or Abs: Bracing Isn't Strength

Blog PostThe Psoas Release - An Essential Experience

VideoCrawling Prep - A Simple Core Workout

Enjoy working that core in some new ways. :)

Also, I want to keep you apprised of two things:

1. There are three spots left for HeartBody Santa Fe. If you're thinking of attending the retreat next month, let me know! I'd love to save you a spot. 

2. I'm exploring options to respond to some needs I've been hearing in this community for more affordable options when it comes to accessing my online courses. I'll be adjusting the pricing structure overall in the coming months, but this Sunday, in honor of Earth Day, I'm putting together a Pay-What-You-Wish program for every single one of my courses. You can get the overview of them all here. More on that soon...