My Go-To Exercise For... Most Things :-)

Where do you start if your back is bothering you? If you sneeze when you pee? If you have TMJ? If your quads won't ever relax? If your hips feel wonky? If you're digestion is off? If you have low energy?

Well, there are LOTS of things to do and there are many places to start, but one of my favorites is with the psoas release! 

Before I go on, let me remind you that right about now (Noon PT) I'm on FB hosting a live conversation about 3 Reasons Exercise Isn't Getting You Better (just click here to join on in).

So about two years ago I wrote a blog post about the psoas (pronounced so-as) release. It has been my most popular post ever since. Month after month, it gets the most hits. And not just that, but I've gotten a little reputation for exploring the psoas.

I know most of you on this list have signed up since I wrote that post, so I want to make sure you are in on this panacea of body love.

Here's an exercise descriptor:

And here's a link to that "famous" blog post:

The Psoas Release: An Essential Experience

This release is a part of ALL of my courses (and given to almost all of my private clients), because I find it to so be so beautifully subversive. It stands against a culture of go-go-go and a culture of sit-sit-sit. Since much of our body troubles are about repetition (of movement habits and mental habits), anytime we can give the body a differing experience is an opportunity to invite in some healing.

Let me know how you get on with it! And if you have any questions, won't you pop on in the private The Resilient Body Facebook group  and let me know? I'd love to have a conversation with you there!

Give the psoas release a try and consider what it would be like to make it a regular part of your movement practice.

I'll be doing it, too!