You Need You

I know it feels like you can't do it. I really get it. There's no time to exercise, there's no time to walk, there's no time to NOT be stressed.

If we were to get down and deep, I could tell you all about the lows I've faced, the struggles to take care of myself and my family. The money troubles, the family-of-origin troubles, the body troubles. I could talk ad nauseam about the uncertainty, the questions of whether things are going to work out okay in the meta- and micro-senses.

I would also tell you this: I kept moving. I kept finding the sticky parts of my body and worked to unravel them. I logged 2, 3, 10 miles a day. I psoas released, sometimes in a heap of tears. I slept more, stretched more, checked in with my body more.

Your body is the vessel that enables, supports, gives life to everything else that interests you and brings you pleasure and satisfies your curiosity in this beautiful life. It's the container through which you solve your problems and explore your world.

You want a good life? Take care of this beautiful, physical gift.

Take care, even though there are dishes to be done and more work to find. Even though there's facebook. Even though the cat needs to go to the vet and the kid needs her diaper changed. Even though you feel scared of your body, and unsure of its needs and afraid of hurting yourself. Even though every message you receive is telling you to take care of something else, anything else.

Take care anyway. Full stop.

I deeply believe that alignment and natural movement are essential components to whole-self health. This work is foundational to what enables you to reconnect with, restore and reawaken your body.