You are ready to try something new. You are ready to recover your body.

So many of the health concerns we face - be it high blood pressure, pelvic floor disorder, knee osteoarthritis - can be traced back to the way we have used our bodies our entire lives. If you are ready to make changes in the way you are experiencing your body, you need to:

  • Evaluate and identify what is actually going on mechanically
  • Assess your habits - from how you stand, to the shoes you wear, to the mindfulness you bring
  • Engage with a custom-created set of exercises to allow your body to recover its optimal alignment
  • Explore the emotions that surface as you begin changing your life


***Essential Resilience I***

Highly personal support to move you toward a healthier, more resilient you.

Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Restorative Exercise™ Specialist - CPT, Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Restorative Exercise™ Specialist - CPT, Philadelphia, PA

I am ready to help you recover your body and reclaim your natural resilience.

My training is in Restorative Exercise™ and it’s backed by over half a decade as a certified life coach and my own experience in healing my body (and mind). In your work with me, you will discover not only a practical guide for meeting your alignment and movement goals through various physical exercises, but the emotional container needed to uncover what’s really going on for you and the support you need to integrate the changes you make.

Part of this is because not only does Essential Resilience I include four private sessions with me; it includes the equipment you need to do the work, three follow-up calls to answer questions and support your processing of your emotional and physical experience, and a complete recap of instructions for your custom exercise program after every session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have grown weary of lots of dead ends when it comes to your body and want to engage in a new body paradigm, then this is for you. If you have time and resources to devote to changing the way you use your body, then this is right for you. If somewhere inside you, you feel a "yes," even if it is accompanied by discomfort, then this is right for you.

What kind of exercises are involved? Will I be spent after a session with you?

The movements we do in Restorative Exercise are simple. That doesn't mean they are easy. The body doesn't like to change when it is being stressed and real change takes awhile to integrate. So yes, you may feel "worked" after a session, but you may just as likely feel totally recuperated and relaxed. The exercises vary depending on your goals, but you can be assured of lots of calf and hamstring stretching, as well as a variety of upper body strengtheners. I won't let you go without a psoas release or two, as well!

I am not local to Philadelphia. Can I still take advantage of this offer?

Absolutely. I work by Skype, too!

Why four sessions?

After some experimentation, I've noticed that four sessions will give you the basic tools you need. It will give us time to address the fundamentals of movement as well as space to explore the specific concerns that bring you to this package.

What happens between sessions?

You move! It will be important for you to keep up with the homework, to monitor your movement habits and to increase the amount of time you walk. Some weeks this will be easier than others because, well, life happens. I get it. But I'll also be there to coach you through it with phone support between sessions.

What makes this different than a traditional personal trainer?

A traditional personal trainer is generally working out of a "fitness" paradigm that doesn't address whole body alignment and natural movement in real life. Sure, you'll see some benefit. But, honestly, you'd be just as likely to see an increase in problems. After all, there's no sense in taking your malalignments and loading them with repetition. Change has to come from the ground up.


Essential Resilience I Logistics

  • Four private Restorative Exercise™ sessions with me

Four sessions (the first is usually 75 minutes; the remaining are one hour), either in person or by Skype, allow us to lay the groundwork for whole body alignment. This will go a long way to bringing you into a healthier, more resilient state of being. The two weeks between each session will enable you to integrate and practice what you’ve learned.

  • Three 15 minute phone or Skype check-ins

You know how it goes. You see your trainer or your therapist or your doctor and they give you homework. But you don’t do it. If something’s been confusing to you, or a new concern has popped up or if you are running into roadblocks, these touch points will help you stay on track.

  • Equipment to do the work

It’s always easier to stay focused when you have the tools you need. With this package you will receive the foundational equipment: a foam dome, "monster" band, block and strap.

  • Customized instructions

After each hour-long session, I will send you exercise instructions from your custom workout so that you can continue to be successful at home or on the road.


Cost: $425

This program includes:

  • The missing link of added support that enables you to make real change

  • The fundamental skills to improve the way you experience your body

  • The movements required to help you get better

  • The basics of stance and gait that ensure you are doing more good than harm when you walk

  • The emotional safety that allows you to travel uncharted territory and to transform how you feel

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