Are you trying to resolve your physical issues and it's just not working?

Somewhere deep inside, you know your body is resilient. Maybe you need to go back to childhood to stir that memory. Maybe it’s just a few years back, before a few “normal” ailments or injuries or interventions occurred.

Whatever the case, you feel there is something missing in your understanding of your body and the way it is supposed to work.

After all, two million years ago your ancestors were crossing continents on bare feet. They scaled trees to get their food. They squatted to bathroom and birth. They hauled logs and scrambled over rocks. They carried their children.

What exactly happened?

Well, a lot. (You’ll learn about those things along the way, and you can start reading here.)  But the point is, your body is designed for health. It is designed for strength. It is designed for whole-body, reflex-driven, pain-free movement. 

You can reclaim your body’s natural, healthy function and move through the phases (and ages) of life with body resilience.

My name is Jennifer Gleeson Blue and I support others to claim their body resilience through Nutritious Movement™.  As someone who has been there with a body that was confusing and scary and didn't work the ways I expected, I get how you are feeling. I have also experienced how there is another way. I've got the better part of a decade of life coaching behind me and am trained in Whole Body Alignment through The Nutritious Movement™ Center. I can help you reclaim your body resilience, too.

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Jennifer Gleeson Blue Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist

Jennifer Gleeson Blue
Nutritious Movement™ Certified
Restorative Exercise Specialist

Starts December 7

Starts December 7

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