Launch Your Resilient Life Free Class Videos

I am so glad you've hopped on over to check out these recordings. Registration will be coming soon for Launch Your Resilient Life. In the meantime, let's get those shoulders and hips a little freer. :)


Shouldering On

Almost all of us are affected by modern day habits such as driving and electronic device-usage and the fact that there's not much of an external requirement for heavy lifting. In this class we''ll begin to undo some of the tension that exists and allow our shoulders to be where they may.

PROPS: pillows/cushions, block

Open Your Hips, Open Your Heart

The hips seem to be a mirror of the heart. And have you noticed that yours are always tight? In this class we'll explore a handful of ways to gently lengthen the muscles around the hips.

PROPS: strap, pillows/cushions, wall with enough space to get your legs up and into a wide V