Move to Change

Moving to change takes courage and, sometimes, really hard work. And it's more than worth it! In this webcast, you will explore the life you really want to be living, take a deep look at the beliefs that are in the way, inventory how you are or are not using your body in ways that supportthe change you seek, and come away with the tools you need to see change.

I was privileged to be with those of you who attended live and I hope you enjoy the recording which you can find below. You'll also find each of the three tools that I mentioned giving you in the webcast. I hope you put those to use, too!


The Tools

As I talk about in the webcast, we all need tools to help us move to the sorts of change we seek. Here are three tools for each category of tools I discussed and I hope you can make great use of them as you are creating the life you desire!

1. Movement Plan - Wild Weekly Planner

This worksheet is part of the planning process my Restore Your Wild students use weekly. The more in touch with your inner wild and the intention you bring to planning to create more wild, the more wild your life will become! Click on the image to download now.




2. Embodiment Practice - Breathing Meditation

This breathing meditation is part of my free mini-course, HeartBody Prep (a precursor to HeartBody Method, the full 8-week course). Exploring what you are holding onto - and what you can let go of - and how that relates to the body will, quite simply, change your life. Just press play!


3. External Support - Top 5 Resources For Living With More Resilience (+ all of the courses below!)

The resources listed here are all ones that my Launch Your Resilient Life students have worked into their lives to realize change. Because you already have at least three of them, you've got one less excuse to not make it happen. ;) Click on the image to snag your copy now.





The Courses


Are you ready for a step-by-step guide to help you launch yourself out of pain, dysfunction and disconnection and into the daily movements that nourish your body? This four week course is for you.


How long have you been waiting to start living in your body so that you can do whatever it is you came to do? How long have you been waiting to feel safe, at ease, in love with your body? You can begin now by taking a heart-centered approach to whole-body movement. HeartBody Method has what you need.



Your body longs to wake up, torediscover the movements it was born to make, to literally climb to new heights and to take you to the edges of your boundaries so that you can live the life you really want. You can do that. You can Restore Your Wild.