Private Sessions

It's time. You can feel it. You want to move into a new place with your body and are ready to get the support you need. Private sessions will be conducted in my home studio or by Skype.

I offer the following packages, all of which can be rolled into a bigger one. So if you like your experience in a smaller package, you'll just pay the difference for a larger one. Sweet!


If you're wanting to test-drive Restorative Exercise™ or know it's for you but aren't sure where to go next, I invite you to schedule an Alignment Starter Session. Done virtually or in-person, it's an hour and a half intensive of hands-on, highly personalized support that will equip you to start this journey of health in earnest. Click here for more information.


If you are ready to make changes in the way you are experiencing your body, you have finally found your starting line: four private sessions, lots of support between them and the emotional safety to allow you travel uncharted territory. Click here for more information.


Change takes time. For some of us, a handful of sessions is enough to get us going in the right track and to alleviate our pain or increase our function. For others of us, dedicated, ongoing work with a specialist is needed before we experience significant change or experience a level of wellness we didn't even know was possible. Especially for those who are really looking for deeper transformation or who know a regular maintenance program is a key to success, this 10 session package will give you what you need. Check it out!


Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing, powerful experiences in a woman's life. But it doesn't always feel that way. If you are looking to experience an aligned pregnancy with more physical comfort and stamina and want to optimize fetal positioning and birth space, this is the place to be. Click here for more information.


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Check out Launch Your Resilient Life, your four-week body alignment accelerator.

(Also, if you have any history of trauma, please head here next.)

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