Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing, powerful experiences in a woman's life. But it doesn't always feel that way.

As a matter of fact, many women experience quite a bit of physical pain (beyond the normal discomforts) during pregnancy. And far too many women have very difficult births that require myriad interventions, even resulting in surgical births. Medical establishment aside, mechanical issues are one of the primary causes of these problems.


I discovered Restorative Exercise™ when I wanted to better understand why my natural birth center birth ended with a transfer to a hospital and a cesarean section, after 54 hours of back labor.

After all, I had done my homework. I believed in my body's ability. I had read Ina May Gaskin. I had chosen midwives. I had....

But still.

There are a few elements that led to the outcome I experienced (you can read a bit about trauma here and my midwifery care turned out to be less-than-ideal), but the physical cause was mechanical. Because mechanics lead to mal-positioned babies. Because mechanics affect dilation. Because mechanics affect the strength of the pelvic floor.

I want you to have a better experience. An aligned experience.

When the body is well-aligned in pregnancy, you can:

  • decrease many of the "common" aches and pains
  • increase your body's ability to manage blood pressure
  • develop the appropriate strength-to-(increasing)-weight ratio
  • prevent diastasis recti
  • maintain strength in the pelvic floor and avoid pelvic floor disorder
  • enhance birthing space

If you are pregnant or hoping to be so soon (the earlier you begin aligning your body, the better!), I would love to consult with you.

Introducing the...

***Alignment for Pregnancy & Birth Package***

An aligned pregnancy offers physical comfort and stamina and optimizes fetal positioning and birthing space

  • Six private Restorative Exercise™ sessions with me

Six sessions (the first is usually about 75 minutes; the remaining are one hour), either in person or by Skype, allow us to lay the groundwork for whole body alignment. These will occur at two week intervals or at whatever pace makes sense depending on how far along you are.  We'll cover the fundamentals of stance, pelvic alignment and release, squats, psoas and your specific concerns.

  • Unlimited 15 minute phone check-ins throughout the length of your pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tricky. One minute you feel great, the next you are cursing the fact that your body even HAS round ligaments. Or maybe you've started peeing when you sneeze. Because this is such a sensitive and important time in your life, I want to provide the ongoing support you need in order to have the best possible experience available to you.

  • Equipment to do the work

It’s always easier to stay focused when you have the tools you need. With this package you will receive the fundamental equipment: a foam dome, "monster" band, yoga block and yoga strap.

  • Customized instructions

After each hour-long session, I will send you exercise instructions from your custom workout so that you can continue to practice and make changes while at home or on the road.


Cost: $575


The Alignment for Pregnancy & Birth package also works well to move through with a pregnant friend. The investment for two women is $395 each.

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If you are already pregnant, what is your EDD?

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