Stress, Trauma & the Resilient Body

Part storytelling, part lecture, part movement class, this is the recording of online presentation that weaves elements of personal narrative, research and cultural critique with alignment and breathing theories and corrective exercise.


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Note: Overall the technology worked well, although the audio gets a little challenging at times. Feel free to reach out to me if you want clarification on anything I've said or demonstrated.

Also, in reviewing the presentation, I see that I suggested that your body will guide you out of light into darkness. I hope you chuckle at my slip of the tongue and know that I wish you all the light in the world!


Following are some links to various modalities (remember that the skill of and resonance with a practitioner is paramount), recommended readings and a podcast.

A Podcast

More On Restorative Exercise™

Body-Mind Therapies Worth Checking Out

I am happy to recommend practitioners in the Philly area if I know of any and/or I suggest you look for ones local to you either through our good friend Google or via the practitioner lists at the following sites.


The first two books will give a useful overview to how the body wants to respond to chronic stress-induced tension and trauma and ways you can help reintroduce these mechanisms. The latter will speak to your soul and give you courage for the journey, especially if you are a woman.

Next Steps

Did this presentation resonate with you? In addition to healing your psychic wounds, are you looking for an integrative approach to restoring optimum function in your body? If so, I can help. Please check out the Basic Body Resilience Coaching Program and let's get started today!


Wishing you all the best on your journey,

Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Restorative Exercise™ Specialist

Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Restorative Exercise™ Specialist