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Together, let us honor the year that has come before and then begin to create the one ahead.

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The end of the year can be a powerful time for turning inward. The light is diminishing. The temperatures are dropping. The inner self is longing to be witnessed.

When we gather together to explore what was, what is and what might be, we invite ourselves into a new reality. We gain access to our creative potential even as we lay to rest that which is ready to be released.

Here’s the Path We’ll Walk Together:


This is about honoring YOUR path, the one only you have traveled. We’ll take stock of what has happened in 2018 - your joys, your heartbreaks. We’ll look literally at how you’ve moved and how you didn’t. We’ll hold it all as part of your sacred journey.

The transition into a new year can bring up feelings of shame and guilt for that which hasn’t happened, for all the things we MEANT to experience, but didn’t. Uh-uh. This week we own the joy that comes with living in a human body.

This is a season of darkness. A season of introspection. All of us have walked paths in 2018 that have brought pain and sometimes suffering. The only way through is, well, through. Together we will hold our losses and come to understand the medicine inherent in them.


Desire is the name of the game. True desired. We will tap into the higher energy of pure desire to help us understand not just what we long for but what the concrete steps are that we can take to step into this new story.

How it Works

This is group coaching and movement exploration and deep inner work. It’s a powerful, experiential program designed to nurture your entire being.

  • We’re going to go deep over the course of Decemeber

This is a season that, for many of us, requires extra self-care. It’s also the perfect time to honestly explore what happened in 2018 and to prepare for following our desires in 2019. Attending to this process with consistency over four weeks will bring energy and connection and intimacy and real change.

  • We start on the 7th, and it’s okay to join afterwards, too!

Did you show up here after the 7th? That’s okay! Come dive in!

  • You get video trainings, worksheets, online coaching and group support

Each week you will receive a digestible, in-depth video (and worksheet) from me with reflection questions, teachings on transformation, movement exploration and visualizations. There’ll be homework, too. :) Plus you get me (and your group members!), online via email and/or the private Facebook group to support and process with you.

  • You go at your own pace, as your own schedule allows

We all have different schedules, especially during the holiday season. I want you to have access to the materials and support your need to do the work you desire to do here. I also know that might happen at 6am PT or at 9pm ET and that your scheduled is unique to you.

  • We’ll have a final, culminating live (and recorded) session

I love being with you live. It’s a special experience. Once the group is formed, we’ll find a time that most of us can be together. I expect magic will happen. It usually does. :)

  • It just might change your life

This is going to be about connection, individual support, ritual, talking, moving, laughing, learning, crying, teaching - a recipe for transformation.

  • The cost is $171 for the entire month

I also have two scholarship spots available…email me or fill out the contact form below if you’d really like to dive deep and need some support in making this financially available to you.

I have had the beautiful privilege of walking alongside groups of women over the last several years and I have found it to be an experience like nothing else. If this is calling to you, I hope you'll sign up today. 


Interested in this year's Soulstice Shift Coaching Group and have some questions before signing up? Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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