Can you let your intuition lead you to better health?

A couple of days ago, I chose to experiment with how I do business. I offered all three of my online courses for Pay What You Wish in honor of Earth Day. I did this because I had a sense of inner leading, an intuitive hunch that this would be more valuable to you (and to me) than, say, discounting my courses a set amount or offering something new. 

The response was incredible. INCREDIBLE. 

Over 100 of you decided to opt into this offering, choosing one or two or even all three of my courses. 

Together, you paid me $8,000 for these courses (THANK YOU!) and in turn, I've donated 10% to ensuring more of our lovely humans have access to clean water. 

 - - - - - - - - 

Friendly Water Receipt.png

 - - - - - - - - 

But it's not just the money.

You emailed me about the impact this had on you. Not just the accessibility to my courses, but what it meant for you to receive this gift, how it challenged you, awakened you, humbled you, called to you. I've treasured every message. 

I share this in conjunction with some of the other work I've been doing personally, especially as it relates to desire and the feminine and receiving. I let my intuition guide me into an act of service and this, in turn, generated so much goodwill and met so many needs across a whole spectrum. 

It wasn't just me who followed my intuition, though. 

You did, too, by signing up for my courses, even though it made some of you really uncomfortable to pay so little. You wrote to me of your discernment process. You wrote to me of feeling goosebumps and knowing immediately which course was for you, before you even finished reading about it. You told me of how you'd been waiting, always wanting this work, and you just happened to have opened up your computer to see this at the last minute. You told me how you felt the call. 

I can't help but wonder if we've been calling to one another, and our intuition led us together in this moment to create something incredibly beautiful. 

I want to tell you something else, in case it's not clear:

You can trust your intuition to guide you on your journey of health. 

My own journey to wholeness has been one inner leading after one outer leading after one inner leading after another. I've followed the path, using all of my senses, staying awake and curious and open to new ways of being and doing. It's taken me magical places. 

I've seen this with my clients and my students, too. We have so much wisdom inside us, guiding us, calling to us. All of my work (and very single one of my courses) is offered to help you gain deeper and deeper access to those inner (and sometimes outer) guides. 

Keep trusting these leadings.

Keep following along.

You're trustworthy. 

Oh, and another thing: in the same way that our mutual desire created this magical experience for so many, I firmly believe that following your desire and your intuition for your health journey will unfold in powerful ways that we can't even imagine yet. We don't know what will happen to you and to those around you and to the whole earth when you change the way you relate with your body. I do know that it will be an act of good in the world. 

So thank you. For following your intuition to launch your resilient life, deepen your heartbody connections or to restore your wild. I thank you for all the ways - inside the courses and outside - that you've chosen to do this work.

It matters. Every bit matters. 

~   ~   ~

Before I leave you, I want to remind you that I have an in-person retreat coming up next month. There aren't many spots left, but I have been pondering the last two days whether there might be one or two more people out there who need this. As I sense into it, I feel a resounding YES! But I don't actually know who you are or what you might need to make this happen.

In the amazing spirit of abundance that just happened in this community, I want you to know that "a lady from Canada," as she wishes to be known, has so very generously donated $100 toward someone ELSE'S registration fee for HeartBody Santa Fe. She's unable to make it, but has been so touched by this work in other ways that she wants to contribute in this way. 

If you want to come to the retreat and could benefit from this scholarship, won't you please contact me?

And if you want to come but don't need the scholarship, won't you also contact me? The retreat happens in just three weeks and I want to make sure you have the time to make arrangements for travel, etc.

I'm here if you want to join me in working this way. HeartBody Santa Fe is here. 

Would you like to take this very special journey?